The following list contain various programs for your use.
We are not responsible for any problems which may occur from the installation or use of these programs.

Here are great FREE programs you should have on your PC computer to protect it while surfing the web...

  • Anti-virus Software (Internal) - use only one
    Avira - FREE personal anti-virus protection
    ESET - good paid program, with a free trial! (recommend)
    Sophos - they have a FREE version for home use (recommended)
    Webroot - paid program, high ratings, check around for best price

    Other A/V Solutions
    Anti-virus for Mac

  • Anti-virus Software (External)
    Housecall - use this if you already have a virus...
    SuperAntiSpyware - online scanner for viruses
    ESET Online Scanner - removes malware
    Kaspersky - file scanner
    Sophos - one time scan
  • Anti-Spyware Software - run as many as you'd like
    SuperAntiSpyware is a good choice... free version
    Spybot - Search & Destroy - this is free, but you can donate
    Malwarebytes - free version, very good
  • Anti-Spam Software
    SPAMfighter standard for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail.
    SpamBully - works with Office 365, many more.
  • DO-NOT-TRACK Software - stop being tracked while surfing
    Ghostery - puts web privacy back in your hands
    Adblock Plus - for all browsers


Check out this FREE Security Guide on how to protect your computer.

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